CEO Yamashiro and CTO Nishimura presented on OpenJij at Qubits 2019 in Milan


At Qubits Europe 2019, D-Wave Systems' user conference held in Milan, Italy, CEO Yamashiro and CTO Nishimura presented OpenJij, an OSS for annealing developed by Jij.

OpenJij is a unified interface for various annealing machines and is an OSS with excellent algorithm extensibility. They presented the configuration of the implementation towards a unified interface, OpenJij, which is compatible with D-Wave's tools and can smoothly switch between classical computer simulations and quantum annealing with D-Wave's quantum devices.

For more information, see OpenJij's GitHub.

You can also refer to the materials announced at "Qubits Europe 2019" from the following link. Please take a look.

Qubits Europe 2019